Andrew Royval - After

"Daniel and I have both been shooting our bows for at least a decade. Both our kids took lessons and so we decided that we wanted to take lessons to see if our skills could improve. We were so impressed with Jeremy and how he helped our kids that we had to try for ourselves. Both of us have improved so much over the course of or lessons that we would recommend lessons to anyone that wants to shoot better regardless of how long or short you have been shooting."

​Intermediate Archery Student - Cortney Cowley           

Starting Score -  121/3X            

Ending Score - 136/9X            

​​Intermediate Archery Student - Seth Levine       

Starting Score - 140/7X           

​Ending Score - 142/11X            

​​Intermediate Archery Student - Chuck Thacker      

Starting Score - Brand New          

​Ending Score - 150/28X       

"We can't thank the guys at Xpert Archery enough...for their time, knowledge, patience coaching, teaching and more importantly being a friend to our 9 year old daughter. The confidence she has developed from this sport (with their help) is awesome!!!!! If you are looking for an activity for the whole family go see Xpert Archery and watch the whole family develop a skill that is much more than hitting target, Robbie, in a short time has gained confidence, focus, diligence, patience and had a blast with her lessons! Highly recommend!!!!

​​​Kenny Wendland             

"Great class for anyone who wants to learn and learn fast!!"

​Traditional Class Participant - Angel Miranda           

Starting Score - 19/0X            

Ending Score - 77/1X             


Robbie Wendland - Before

​​Intermediate Archery Student - Cheryl Sanders      

Starting Score - 70/1X        

​Ending Score - 133/5X     

​​Intermediate Archery Student - Andy Althoff          

Starting Score - 140/3X            

​Ending Score - 142/15X            

Robbie Wendland - After

Andrew Royval - Before

​​Intermediate Archery Student - Jesse Frizzell       

Starting Score - 128/8X           

​Ending Score - 146/14X            

"Jeremy's class helped me more than I could have imagined. I wish I would have come to him 3 years ago. It would have saved me a lot of time and money. Taking the time with Jeremy is the only choice you should make!"

​Intermediate Archery Student - Jeff Rendall           

Starting Score -  128/2X           

Ending Score - 142/9X           

Angel Miranda - Before

​​Intermediate Archery Student - Trenton Wallace      

Starting Score - 102/1X           

​Ending Score - 138/9X            

Trenton Wallace - Before

"The teacher was awesome and he taught us a lot. My score change was huge too."

​Intermediate Archery Student - Ben         

Starting Score -  94/3X         

Ending Score - 123/6X         

​​Intermediate Archery Student - Lexi Cowley        

Starting Score - Couldn't even draw her bow            

​Ending Score - 117/5X            

​​Intermediate Archery Student - Isabella Randall         

Starting Score - 118/1X            

​Ending Score - 134/6X            

​​Intermediate Archery Student - Hunter Cowley       

Starting Score - Couldn't draw bow           

​Ending Score - 112/2X          

​​Traditional Archery Student - Byran    

Starting Score - 108/2X    

​Ending Score - 138/6X  

​​Intermediate Archery Student - Wendy Thacker      

Starting Score - Brand New          

​Ending Score - 144/13X        

Trenton Wallace - After

​​Intermediate Archery Student - Ryan Tso      

Starting Score - 131/4X          

​Ending Score - 138/5X      

"Jeremy is an awesome instructor, an A+. The lessons are most worth while to learn correct form. I highly recommend them. I am hooked on archery!"

​Intermediate Archery Student - Martha Wilson         

Starting Score -  126/6X          

Ending Score - 147/11X          

"I bought my son a bow.....Now what? Find an Xpert!! It's the best investment you will make for your future or your child's!! "Xpert Archery" the name says it all! Thanks Jeremy for your patience, knowledge, and dedication. My son absolutely loved your course and looked forward to every session. He​​'s looking forward to hunting and with your training lol I'm at ease letting him go knowing he was trained by the "BEST" Thanks again!!"

​Ruby Royval              

​​Intermediate Archery Student - Daniel Cowley        

Starting Score - 130/5X           

​Ending Score - 142/14X         

​​Intermediate Archery Student - Mandi         

Starting Score - 110/3X            

​Ending Score - 138/9X           

​​Intermediate Archery Student - Ron Bliss           

Starting Score - 118/3X            

​Ending Score - 140/8X            

​​Intermediate Archery Student - Ryan Messier     

Starting Score - Brand New      

​Ending Score - 275/4X  

Angel Miranda - After

​​Intermediate Archery Student - Katie Simpson        

Starting Score - 135/6X            

​Ending Score - 146/12X          

"Even though I've been shooting a bow for over 12 years (bought my first bow and learned to shoot it at Xpert!), I signed up for lessons with Jeremy. One of the best archery investments I've ever made! Jeremy helped me work all the bad stuff out, hone the good stuff in, plus taught me a bunch of stuff about working on my bow I never knew before. The quality of service from Jeremy and crew at Xpert is unmatched to anything I've ever experienced anywhere else. We are truly fortunate to have such a great local resource. Thanks Xpert Archery!"

​Intermediate Archery Student - Clint Pavey           

Starting Score -  138/9X​            

Ending Score - 148/15X            

"In all my lessons I felt so much improvement and shooting my bow felt better every time. Jeremy was the best teacher I could ever ask for. I am thankful that God gave me this opportunity to be here and to have fun with learning a new skill. Taking archery lessons her at Xpert Archery was such an amazing experience. It has inspired me and my brother Ben to do kids league and I just can't wait! We got to shoot balloons and floating ping-pong balls as well , so it wasn't just a target. I improved by 141 form my first score of 122, thanks to my faithful teacher Jeremy!"

​Intermediate Archery Student - Camber Attaway         

Starting Score -  122/1X        

Ending Score - 141/6X