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Service Packages

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  • The Works – $150 – The big kahuna of our work. The works includes a total detailed cleaning of everything and an advanced tune-up to top it off.
  • Bow Set-Up with Basic Tune-Up – $90 – If you bought your bow somewhere else you kinda made us sad, but your success is still the very reason for our existence. So bring in that bow and let us make it shoot the very best it can. We will set it all up and give it a basic tune-up for you. Remember, if you buy your new bow from us we throw in this job for FREE!
  • Advanced Tune-Up – $80 – First we start with a complete basic tune-up. Plus we clean and tube the cams and the limb pockets. Then we paper tune to perfection and chronograph just for fun.
  • Basic Tune-Up – $40 – There comes a time when a bow needs some TLC and re-start. It’s called a basic tune-up. We use tooling to set center shot, nocking point height, tiller, poundage, draw length, and cam timing. Then we wrap it up by waxing and conditioning the string set.